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RE: Problem w/ Schema for elements with similar defs

> Without prejudice wrt the 'extension' issue, I commend Jeff's _other_
> solution to you, the one using a repeated <choice>.

But this is the core of my problem. I'd like to "declare" an "object class"
named "recurso" wich has a lot in common with "consulta". But they are not
the same "class", "consulta" is more than "recurso". The technical problem
arises when I am trying to say that:

Recurso ::= "<recurso" AttributesOfRecurso ">" (Texto)* "</recurso>"
Consulta ::= "<consulta" AttributesOfRecurso ">" (Texto|Imagen)*

<consulta nombre="C1">
  <imagen nombre="I1"/>
  <texto nombre="T1"/>
  <imagen nombre="I2"/>

But with the Schema mechanism "extension" like Jeff proposes I cannot write
the former example because it is treated like:

Consulta ::= "<consulta" AttributesOfRecurso ">" (Texto Imagen)*

i.e. every "Texto" has to be followed by a "Imagen", and that's not what I
am looking for. :-(

Best Regards,
José Manuel Beas (jmbeas@telenium.es)
Software Engineer
TELENIUM, The New Millennium Telecom Company
Agustín de Foxá, 25, plta. 13
28036 MADRID
Tel. +34 91 315 85 62 (ext. 260)
Fax +34 91 315 63 37