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RE: Web service and Semantic Web

> You said the Semantic Web is the truth maintenance systems that
> can be on the Web Service. But I think we can imagine a Web service
> based on assertions (for example, zip code finder service 
> based on gathered 
> assertions on the Web. Does it make sense?

Yes, lots.  I can imagine web services holding assertions: directories
already hold name value pairs, which are simple assertions in their own way.

I wouldn't say that the semantic web *is* the TMS. That was why I said that
it should be possible to publish locally derived  assertions globally.
However at some point you'll want software to operate over these assertions:
TMS are a good tool for that, though I think Tim Berner's Lee is of the view
that the semantic web isn't logic/ai programming. The semantic web isn't
just data either (I hope anyway). Maybe a TMS is more than what is needed
for most: "assertion/annotation processors" or "just a program" might be a
better way to put it. 


Bill de hOra  :  InterX  :  bdehora@interx.com