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Michael Brennan wrote:
> What about having the "getResource" return a javax.activation.DataSource
> object rather than an InputStream? That way the content-type can
> be conveyed
> if it is defined in the catalog.

	That would be good, though to maximize portability e.g. JDK 1.1 etc, would
it be better to do:

	URLConnection getConnection(String namespaceURI,String arcrole);

Alternatively define a Resource class:

package org.rddl;

interface Resource {
	String getURI();
	String getHref();
	String getArcrole();
	String getRole();
	String getContentType();
	InputStream getInputStream();
	URLConnection getConnection();
class RDDLFilter extends SAX2Filter {
	Resource getResource(String arcroleURI);
	void parse(String namespaceURI);