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Re: Resource Gloss (Human Readable)

At 03:01 PM 07/01/01 -0500, Charles Reitzel wrote:

>>In order to be xml-names correct, it has to be syntactically a URI;
>Does it?  ...
>1) from "the attribute's value"
>  => It is *just* a vanilla XML attribute value.
>2) from "a URI reference" ...
>3) from "is the namespace name ... uniqueness and persistence". ...
>I am forced to conclude that, in practice, only 1) can be relied upon.

Pop up the NS spec and go searching for "URI Reference"... I count
7 places in which it's made clear that a namespace name is a URI
reference, here's the first from section 1:

 "An XML namespace is a collection of names, identified by a URI reference 

I had penned a long and fairly irritated reply to this, but since
the premise of the whole posting is plainly vacuous, I'll stop here.