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Re: XML Schemas: Best Practices

> Any thoughts?

I definitely prefer method 3.  As to whether or not it is "cleaner" some
possible advantages and problems:

1) XSL transformations will require the extra step of checking the xsi:type
attribute.  This is of course not a huge problem, just an extra step for the
XSLT processor:

  <xsl:for-each select="Publication[@xsi:type='CDType']">

2) Following the same logic as 1, users cannot make use of CSS1 to format a
CDType as a CDType.  Only when CSS2 is available can attribute selectors be

3) The simplicity of standard names for standard types (e.g. Publication)
does however seem to provide many other long term benefits.

Don't know if this helps but these are some reasons to like/ dislike model

Jeff Rafter
Defined Systems