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[OT?] Your opinion please

Hi there,

I would like to hear everyone's opinions on this...
We have data, basically in a xml format
And we are thinking of several solutions for a web-based solutions to 
existing services
We are not going to use client-side xml/xsl ms solution , although that can 
be very tempting

Basically, we thought of

- JSP (to control screens 4 different users)+ servlets + JavaBeans ,with 
Javabean storing the generated HTML codes and displaying the data
The JavaBean will also run the parser + XSLTProcessor to read in a XSL , to 
give the HTML

- JSP with no JBs but the processor will be invoked via servlet, and 
generated output be displayed
- JSP + servlets + JavaBeans , with javabean just getting the data and 
displaying it in another JSP

- XML/XSLT solution (like what's in Cocoon publishing framework) with no 
JSP/Servlet at all

Main thing :-
- future expansion of providing services to mobile devices such as mobile 
devices, handphones(WAP?)
- letting our client have the ability to customize layout easily
- presentation layer and data layer are as "seperate" as possible

We might be using EJB in future
I've read somewhere it's not good to store HTML in Javabeans ? Although I 
forgot what exactly the argument is for ...

Anyone who has tried out / thought about the above solutions?
Which one is better and in what scenerio ?
We would like to minimize code changes (since we have several 
phrases...well who dont? :) )

Thanks for giving your opinions!!