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Re: And the DTD says, "I'm NOT dead yet!!"

Is this something that RELAX takes care of with it's <elementRule role=""
whereby two element rules can have the same role with a different label
depending on how they constrain their child elements ?

I'm no expert here - just throwing ideas onto the fire ;-)


Norman Walsh wrote:

> / Bob Kline <bkline@rksystems.com> was heard to say:
> [...]
> | don't think this is one of them.  The most common uses I have seen for
> | entities are:
> |
> |   1. to create macros for commonly used content-model groups; and
> |   2. to create a kludge for working around the lack of support for
> |      namespaces in DTDs.
> |
> | The first is handled fairly well by named groups (<xsd:group name=...)
> | and the second problem doesn't exist because XML Schema supports
> | namespaces.  External entities in DTDs correspond pretty well to the
> | <xsd:include ...> element in XML Schema.
> The significant feature that seems to be missing, but might be addressed
> with <redefine> if it's extended to allow complete redefinition of
> model groups and attribute groups (i.e., redefinition without reference
> to the original), is the ability to change the groups in derived schemas.
> Suppose I have the following PE in my DTD:
>   <!ENTITY % article.content "para|note|warning">
> I can easily construct a derived DTD that does not allow warnings:
>   <!ENTITY % original.dtd SYSTEM "...">
>   <!ENTITY % article.content "para|note">
>   %original.dtd;
> It's not clear that I can do this with XML Schemas, and I do this *a lot*.
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>                                           norm
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