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Re: (Second) Last Call for XPointer 1.0

This issue might be important but it's certainly not new since it was
already mentioned in June 2000 [1] and highlighted in last December when
the proposal from Sun has been made public:

The terms and conditions proposed by Sun would probably make the future
recommendation the first shrink-wrap W3C document whose simple download
would have important legal implications.

Eve Maller can certainly not be accused to have hidden it...

My 0.02 Euros,


[1] http://xmlhack.com/read.php?item=573
[2] http://xmlhack.com/read.php?item=946

Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
> There's a much more significant issue raised in this draft for the
> first time than the question of how to map namespace prefixes. It's
> also come to light in this draft that Sun claims a patent on some of
> the technologies needed to implement XPointer.
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