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Re: URIs, names and well known RDDL names, was: Re: Quick edit

"Jonathan Borden" <jborden@mediaone.net> writes:

> Tim Bray wrote:
> >
> >
> > At 10:20 AM 09/01/01 +0000, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> > >I strongly agree with Jason's analysis here.  I certainly want _some_
> > >attribute of rddl:resource to _always_ be
> > >http://www.w3.org/2000/10/XMLSchema if what's pointed to is in fact an
> > >XML Schema!
> >
> > Hrumph.  I think Henry's right.  Maybe my minimalism was a bit too
> > brutal?
> >
> > So, maybe
> >
> >  role= required canonical name for what kind type of thing it is, like
> >        Henry says; we still provide a list of them in rddl.org/roles.html
> >
> >  arcrole= optional user-provided selector, also a URI, RDDL doesn't
> >           provide any help here.
> >
> > Anyone have a better idea? -Tim
> >
> I also agree with Jason's analysis. Practically since RDDL was conceived,
> I've been going back and forth on what should an arcrole vs. role be w.r.t
> RDDL. Indeed one morning while driving to work, I suddenly became conviced
> that we'd got it all wrong, and confused an arcrole for a role. At the end
> of the day I'd conviced myself that arcrole was fine and that was that...

But you go on to contradict what Jason, Tim and I are all saying!  See 

> This is how I see it:
> Software will use xlink:arcrole is to dispatch on a resource for a given
> URI. In cases where there are more than one resource of a given arcrole,
> xlink:role disambiguates, otherwise xlink:role defaults to
> "http://www.rddl.org/#resource" (because every rddl:resource is at least a
> RDDL resource, and this URI is simply the expansion of the qname
> "rddl:resource").

Surely this is backwards.  Software should use xlink:role to identify
the namespace of the destination resource.  In cases where more than
one destination resource with the same xlink:role is offered,
xlink:arcrole disambiguates.

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