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Re: (Second) Last Call for XPointer 1.0

At 05:34 PM 1/11/01 +0100, Daniel Veillard wrote:

>   If you think that the "homework" is just to collect prior,
>then it's probably something which could be done within W3C
>(directly by the staff or by a public call for prior art).
>But the legal action is where the problem might get solved
>and is an expensive (money, time, human, ...) process. I don't
>think W3C has enough resources (money, time, human, ...) to
>follow this path. And who else would take this task ?

The W3C has made calls for prior art to fight patent assertions in the 
past, I wouldn't expect that policy to change. With all respect to Eve, 
Sun's "offer" for the licensing is inappropriate in an consortium-based 
standards body, and should not attempt to force submissions of what 
otherwise could be true IP of other companies into the open-source space.

I would certainly lobby for a rejection of any document containing such a 

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