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Aelfred2 Problem


I think I may have found a bug with Aelfred2. I have found that when parsing
an XML file that contains an invalid DTD reference ie

<!DOCTYPE template SYSTEM "thedtd.dtd">

where the dtd file does not exist, an IOException is thrown. At this point
the parser has effectively finished processing the file, BUT you cannot
modify the XML document until the process that launched the Java VM has
exitted. In my situation I am running through a web server which means to
correct the file the web server must be completely stopped and then started

I have narrowed it down to this particular exception. So other processing
instructions like the initial "<?xml" tag do not cause this problem if they
are written incorrectly. Also any error while parsing the XML document does
not appear to produce the same symptoms, and you can modify the XML document
without stopping any processes. Has anyone else experienced this problem,
and know of a way of fixing this?



Antony Scerri ( antonys@biomednet.com )
Senior Web Developer
Elsevier Science London
84 Theobald's Road

Direct : 44 (0) 207 611 4334
Office : 44 (0) 207 611 4000
Fax    : 44 (0) 207 611 4001