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[ANN] Updated version of DTD to XML Schema tool

I am attaching an updated version of the Perl script that is available on the
W3C site [1]. This new version makes the following changes:

* Use the CR syntax instead of the April draft syntax
* Add support for an external mapping file for type aliases, simple types, 
  model, attribute, and substitution groups
* Map ANY correctly to wildcard rather than element 'ANY'
* Support treating lead PCDATA as string or other aliased simple type instead
  of as mixed content (may be more appropriate for data-oriented DTDs)
    e.g. <!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA)> => <element name="title" type="string"/>
* Support subsitution groups (simplistically).

For the record: this update has no official standing. I am for the present 
putting this on my own website as well [2].

It is worth pointing out that this tool does not produce terribly high quality
schemas, but it is a decent starting point if you have existing DTDs.

        -- Mary

[1] http://www.w3.org/2000/04/schema_hack/
[2] http://www.mathling.com/xmlschema/