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Re: (Second) Last Call for XPointer 1.0

Eric van der Vlist wrote about the Sun patent issue -

> "   3.  You agree to provide documentation of any Modification to W3C no
> later than the first date on which such Modification is made available
> to others, including but not limited to the first date on which such
> Modification is made available to others through alpha distributions or
> distributions under obligations of confidentiality (the Available
> Date)."
> Does that mean that software vendors will have to provide documentation
> of their products implementing XPointer to W3C before they go alpha ?
This doesn't say what "Documentation" consists of.  How about someone writes
up some boiler plate in hideous marketing type language - generic hype that
says almost nothing.  Every time anyone puts out a product that might be a
"modification" of XPointer, no matter how trivial or even if it is alpha, fill
in a few blanks in the boilerplate and send it to W3C.

They might get sick of receiving  and tracking all the junk, and the letter of
this section would be followed with small effort.  Maybe that would give them
the idea not to go this route again!

Tom P