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SVGSpider.com - the world's "first" all SVG web site?

List members may be interested to visit www.SVGspider.com. I believe the site 
may be the world's first "all SVG" web site.

The site is intended as a "proof of concept". It is not claimed that it is 
production quality at present.

A number of simple SVG animations can be viewed on the site. XLinks can be 
used to navigate among the pages.

To view the site you will require an SVG viewer. I would recommend Version 
1.0 of the Adobe SVG Viewer which can be downloaded from


Neither the Batik nor Amaya viewers correctly display SVG animations as yet. 
Therefore using those viewers would significantly obviate the purpose of the 
site, since the animation would either not be rendered or be rendered as 
static. Therefore the Adobe viewer is my suggestion for a viewer at this time.

The site can be accessed as
www.svgspider.com  or

In addition, I am aware that there is a namespace issue. This arises, in 
part, from incompatibilities in how preview releases of various SVG viewers 
handle XLinks. The site was designed, for the moment, to work with the Adobe 
"flavour" for XLinks. In time, I would expect the incompatibilities to be 

Constructive feedback is welcome either to this email address or to the one 
given on the main page of the site.

Andrew Watt