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TREX update

I've updated the TREX website


The only change to the language is that I've refined the way it handles
merging included grammars. See


for more information.

I've also done a complete implementation of XHTML modularization in
TREX.  See


This has been done by hand not automatically, so there are probably
bugs, but it takes full advantage of TREX.  Notably, with TREX there's
no need to create a model module specific to the combination of modules
you are using; you just have to include the modules you need.  I was
also pleasantly surprised to discover that it was possible to implement
exceptions in TREX (used in HTML 4 to, for example, prevent nested
links), even though there's no specific exceptions feature in TREX. I've
added an explanation of this technique to the tutorial:


The sample implementation has also been updated to match the language
spec and fix some bugs.