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ANN: 4Suite Server 0.10.1

Fourthought, Inc. (http://Fourthought.com) announces the release of

                          4Suite Server 0.10.1
         An open source XML data server based on open standards
               implemented using 4Suite and other tools



  *  Windows support
  *  Smoother installation and configuration
  *  Comprehensive installation HOWTOs
  *  HTTP server support
  *  Raw file support: can serve arbitrary files given mime type
  *  Very experimental SOAP support
  *  Python 2.0 support
  *  More demos
  *  Many optimizations and bug fixes
  * 4Suite.org revamped: much heavier use of 4Suite Server features

4Suite Server is a platform for XML processing.  It features an XML data
repository, a rules-based engine, and XSLT transforms, XPath and
RDF-based indexing and query, XLink resolution and many other XML
services.  It also supports related services such as distributed
transactions and access control lists.  It supports remote,
cross-platform and cross-language access through CORBA, HTTP and other
request protocols to be added shortly.

It's not meant to be a full-blown application server.  It provides
highly-specialized services for XML processing that can be used with
other application servers.

The software is open-source and free to download.  Priority support
and customization is available from Fourthought, Inc.  For more
information on this, see the http://FourThought.com, or contact
Fourthought at info@fourthought.com or +1 303 583 9900

The 4Suite Server home page is


From where you can download the software itself or an executive summary
thereof, read usage scenarios and find other information.