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RE: Who needs and uses XML Schema key/keyref?

Title: Who needs and uses XML Schema key/keyref?
We currently have a project using the CEN 13606-4-based healthcare messages where we are using DTDs and Schematron for validation.  When looking at porting to schema, the key/keyref structure could be used for some of the directory look-ups but would not replace the need for further validation against permitted ranges specified in the message instance.  A further significant area of validation that we are having to do with Schematron (+XSLT extensions) is required date ordering (service provided before message issue date)
Since the second pass is needed for the more flexible two tier xPath validation that Schematron provide, there seems limited value in being able to move only part of that into the schema.
This is somewhere between speculation and use of the feature, but I trust close enough to your primary interest
All the best

Charlie McCay, charlie@RamseySystems.co.uk
Ramsey Systems Ltd, 23D Dogpole, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 1ES