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CDATA sections

Dear all, 

I am thinking of using CDATA sections for snippets of perl code
that exist on the pages of my document.  However, I didn't 
want me or anyone creating my documents to have to type out <![CDATA[  and ]]>
   everytime because it is tiresome and prone to errors.  I thought that giving
these sections a more meaningful and shorter name would get rid of errors, so 
I created entities -- but they don't work.  
Perhaps what I am trying to do just can't be done, but any ideas or pointers
would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

snippets of my xml look like this:

Here is my page and I have some 

code right here 

that I will be using later

snippets of my dtd look like this:

<!ENTITY startcode "<![CDATA[">
<!ENTITY endcode "]]>">