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Re: PSGML and automatic default attributes?

Bob DuCharme <bob@udico.com> writes:

> When I insert a new element into a document using psgml with NTEmacs
> on a Windows box, default attribute value specs are inserted into
> the start-tag. When I do so using XEmacs under Red Hat Linux, it
> doesn't. I can't see anything different in the psgml setting of my
> two different .emacs files; does anyone know of some variable
> setting or something that controls whether the default attribute
> settings show up in the start tags after an sgml-insert-element?

sgml-new-attribute-list-function variable?

Have you checked the value? Should be sgml-default-asl. If it's not, I
don't think you get auto-insert/value prompt for required attributes.

Look in psgml-edit.el for how it's supposed to work. Maybe Redhat
XEmacs package install puts a site-start file somewhere that sets it
to a default function other than sgml-default-asl.

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