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Re: DTD Inheritance..

Are you just trying to build upon DTDs? I describe my documents using many 
information types to create a single document layout. You could do 
something like this:

DTD A extends DTD B

DTD A describes a car, which has an engine, wheels, and a steering wheel.
DTD B describes an engine in detail. It has sprockets and thingamajigs.

<!ELEMENT car (engine, wheel+, steering_wheel)>
<!ELEMENT wheel (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT steering_wheel (#PCDATA)>
<!ENTITY % engine SYSTEM "file:B.dtd">

<!ELEMENT engine (sprocket+, thingamajig+)>
<!ELEMENT sprocket (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT thingamajig (#PCDATA)>

I know that using Oracle and Apache parsers, XML Spy, and IE 5.5 all 
automatically have DTD A include DTD B. Is this what you are looking for?


At 05:35 PM 1/16/2001 -0800, Seetharam Samptur wrote:
>      I have a DTD question. I want to represent an object model that has
>inheritance. Can I inherit one DTD from an other DTD?  How do you think I
>should best represent...
>Any info about this will be helpful.