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Re: How could RDDL be distributed ?

At 15:40 17/01/2001, Michael Mealling wrote:

>Ah... Sorry. Thought you'd caught the start of the thread...
>c15n is short for Contextualization. It's a concept whereby
>a URI is resolved based on some locally defined set of context.
>In academic research it could be based on research appropriate
>copies (edition 1 vs edition 2, photograph vs digitization, etc).
>In the cases we have been talking about here it means taking
>some URI and resolving it based on your localized concept of
>what that URI identifies (i.e. you think you have a better XML
>Schema than the owner of the original, you have some locally
>cached copy, you don't trust the holder of the URI to not change
>the bit of XML underneath you, etc)....

To finish this thread, and to (hopefully) make
my real point, I will quote two replies I received

(The names have been omitted to protect the sensible.)


> > Damn these shortenings of words. They are
> > causing way too much o9n.

>This wins my vote for best a5m of the year :-)


>But of course the real point lies not only in the saving of precious
>typing, but also in the insiderism that was so nicely exemplified by the


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