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XML:DB (was Re: The Aftermath)

> > Actually, getting the 4SS release out does free me some time to work on
> > all the things I started on over the hols: RDDL, Topic Maps for RDF,
> > XML-DEV semantic Web straw man, and of course the XML:DB API which
> > I was foolish enough to put together a complete proposal on.
> I don't believe it was foolish to start working on these things because
> all these things are interesting enough to work on. So take some time
> to sleep to keep up the good work afterwards.

Prolly not necessary, but just to be sure no one misunderstands, the
foolishness I attribute to myself is not in getting involved with XML:DB.
I'm actually very happy that a group is getting together to pioneer useful
standardization of XML/database issues and I'm happy to participate.

What I can't believe I did is spent the hours to work up a full-blown API
proposal, considering what was on my docket at the time.  I certainly hope
some good comes of it.

For everyone who is not aware of the XML:DB iniiative, it's an
open group of people trying to work out some useful recommendations for
XML database technologies.  Ronald Bourret and Jonathan Borden are among
the contributors, and getting involved is a simple matter of joining a
mailing list (see http://www.xmldb.org).

My own proposal for an XML database call-level interface is at


There are other proposals and there has been a good deal of thoughtful
discussion to which the thoughtful members of XML-DEV could add.


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