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Re: SVG & XPointer - When I write SVG code can I be sued?

In a message dated 18/01/01 16:50:31 GMT Standard Time, robin@knowscape.com 

> At 11:28 18/01/2001 -0500, AndrewWatt2000@aol.com wrote:
>  >The W3C XPointer specification acknowledges the validity of a Sun patent. 
>  >Whether or not that is correctly acknowledged is a side issue at present. 
> As 
>  >a consequence when anyone either "downloads" or "implements" XPointer ... 
> as 
>  >we must when creating SVG ... we "agree" to provide Sun with our code no 
>  >later than the time we make that code available to anyone else.
>  implement XPointer != use Xpointer.
>  -- robin b.


If only it were that straightforward.

Here is a definition from the "Terms and Conditions" ...<quote>"Modification" 
shall mean programming code, including interfaces, developed by or for You 
for use in an implementation of the syntax of the Xpointer Specification .... 

SVG is programming code which implements the syntax of the XPointer 
specification, or more precisely a subset of it. Are you suggesting that SVG 
is anything other than "programming code"?

Perhaps Sun drew the boundaries wide to provide reassurance with a broad 
reach. That is for them to say.

But the terminology used in the "Terms and Conditions" document seems to 
extend way beyond the precise items for which Sun's patent applies.

Just my non-lawyer's $0.02.

I hope we get a clear, unequivocal response from Sun that there is no problem.

Andrew Watt