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XPointer WD 20010108 - location-set "error"?

It seems to me that there is an error in the 8th January 2001 XPointer WD.

It states as a definition of "location-set":
"An ordered list of locations, such as produced by an XPointer expression. 
This corresponds to the node-set that is produced by XPath expressions, 
except for the generalization to include points and ranges."

However the November 1999 XPath Recommendation defines a node-set as:
"an unordered collection of nodes without duplicates"

Thus there appears, contrary to the XPointer WD, to be a further distinction 
between an XPointer location-set and an XPath node-set in that the 
location-set is _ordered_ while an XPath node-set is _UNordered_.

The alternative interpretation is that if an XPointer location-set is a 
generalisation of an XPath node-set to include points and ranges then it too 
is unordered. I couldn't readily find clarification in the XPointer WD.

Andrew Watt