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[ANNOUNCE] AxKit 1.2

AxKit is a high performance XML Application Server based on
mod_perl. Every bit of programming you do in an AxKit server is based
around XML. This has the advantage of one set of techniques to learn, and
aids rapid development (honest, it does - I put together take23.org in
just a couple of days, and its all based on AxKit). Secondly, though
perhaps more importantly, AxKit focuses on allowing you to separate
content, presentation and logic, into clearly defined layers.

More importantly, AxKit works. Even though it is new technology (I started
writing AxKit last June), we have a few live sites, and many people
interested in learning this new technology.

You can find all the details you need to know about AxKit at

Changes since AxKit 1.0 are:

    (1.0 - 1.1 pre)
    - Uses iconv rather than Unicode::* modules to do character
      set conversions
    - Fix for AxMediaType/AxStyleName bug
    - Fix for compilation under mod_perl 1.24_01
    - Fix for relative URI's and file:// sub requests
    - Minor stylesheet cache bug fixed
    - Updated Filter provider for Apache::Filter >= 1.13
    - Fix for filehandle leak
    - Fix for Virtual Host Stash bug.

    (1.1 pre - 1.2)
    - XPathScript can interpolate "{xpath}" in $t hash
    - reduced required modules list
    - Removed Sablotron from AxKit.pm due to some segfaults
    - Fixed segfaults in aborted conversions with iconv
    - Added AxResetProcessors
    - Improved Apache::Filter support
    - Much improved installer
    - Many XSP changes/fixes. Now uses XML::XPath DOM tree.
    - Memoize methods that call stat() in Cache and Providers
    - Many miscellaneous improvements

Available on CPAN in the Apache modules directory,
http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/Apache/ (it may take a day for
AxKit to reach the mirrors), or at the axkit.org web site. Alternatively
you can install AxKit from the CPAN shell, with the command line "perl
-MCPAN -e 'install AxKit'" (really, it can be that easy!).


    /||    ** Director and CTO **
   //||    **  AxKit.com Ltd   **  ** XML Application Serving **
  // ||    ** http://axkit.org **  ** XSLT, XPathScript, XSP  **
 // \\| // **     Personal Web Site: http://sergeant.org/     **
    //  \\