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Re: XML 1.0 - Element order significance

Mike Brown wrote:

> Jonathan Borden wrote:
> > Actually in an XML document, sibling elements are *guaranteed*
> > to be ordered. An XML document is a character stream, and one
> > sibling follows the other.
> I think I agree with your conclusion, but I disagree with the premise that
> order (in general) is determined solely by the linearity of XML's syntax.
> this logic, attributes are also ordered, just because attribute
> specification markup is ordered.

Attributes are ordered, its just that the order is not significant. The
order of elements in an XML document, as determined by XML syntax, is called
"document order". One can have other types of orders such as alphabetical
and numerical, but document order is determined solely by XML syntax.

> So I believe that it is up to SAX, DOM, the Infoset, XPath, and
> to say whether their respective models consider elements to be ordered.

As I said.