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Re: Are we losing out because of grammars?

Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> To pick a whimsical analogy, structural patterns are like AI by machine
> vision, where the bacterium is identified from the microscope image.
> Structural rules are like AI by expert system (Mycin?), which determines
> the disease by applying a series of rules, some of which have the action
> of narrowing the diagnosis.
> It looks as if my version of Eric's suspect line-up is as follows:
>  - Structural patterns - DTD, TREX, RELAX, XSchema content model
>  - Datatypes - XSchema data types, UML/XMI
>  - Structural rules - Schematron
>  - Semantics - RDF(S)?, XMI?, UREP?, eCo?

Yes, these distinctions are not obvious and you've given a nice

I am not a theorician and may be wrong, but I think|feel that a
structural patterns and datatypes could be "compiled" into a set of
rules, which makes the border difficult to draw but also leaves more
hopes to mix both ways of thinking...

Even the border between structure and datatypes can be fuzzy.

Should the W3C XML Schema complexType be considered as structure or
datatype ? What about the extension by list that defines a structure
that is "internal" to a node ? ...

All this deserves more work to be done !


> Note all the question marks in the last entry.
> Uche's Apothegm: Any combination of S-words("schema" and "semantic"
> in this case) results in instant and mutual annihilation with question
> marks as the only surviving byproduct.
> Boom.
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