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RE: Are we losing out because of grammars? (Re: Schema ambiguitydetection algorithm for RELAX (1/4))

: Imagine that there is a Linda-like system, and 
:its tuple space is relatively public, or at least shared by 
:Len's agencies.  One agency puts out a tuple with slots that 
:are query templates asking to be filled.

I'm not sure what you mean by "puts out". Is this a write operation?

:Later, the agency retrieves the tuple and pulls out the field 
:values.  How can
:it have some confidence that those field values are what it 
:asked for?  Or, to
:bring the question closer to this thread, what has to be 
:included with the
:query so that another system can undertand what is being asked for and
:evaluate whether it should respond?

Well in a tuple space, you match the pattern or you don't, it's not a
probabilistic mechanism. Understanding has nothing to do with it. If the
slot values aren't what it asked for, it's asked the wrong question :). If
you can't ask the question properly (which is perfectly ok) they maybe you
want to trigger an event in the space for each match that fires dynamic
decision support for each match.  


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