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No Subject

 Hi I am pretty new to XML and I have a doubt about XML Doc. validation     
 against a schema.                                                          
 I have a schema file in d:/jdk1.3/bin named sch.xml                        
 My xml file also resides in the same directory. I want to parse this xml   
 file and validate it against my schema.                                    
 The  schema definition goes like this                                      
 <Schema name="Root"                                                        
 <ElementType name="Root" content="eltOnly"> <AttributeType name="version"  
 dt:type="float" required="yes"/>                                           
 In my xml file i have the following                                        
 <Root version="0.1" >                                                      
 We are using the xerces DOM parser from apache. In our code we have set    
 the validation property to true. the code is like this                     
 class validate implements ErrorHandler                                     
 DOMParser parser=new DOMParser();                                          
 The error, fatalerror and warning methods of the ErrorHandler interface    
 have been implemented.                                                     
 When i run the program it gives me an SAXParseException :" Element type    
 "Root" must be declared."                                                  
 "Element type "ID" must be declared." etc.                                 
 I feel my parser is not able to locate my schema for the purpose of        
 validation. How do i specify the location of my xml schema file to the     
 parser. How do i specify the url of urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-data in  
 my xml file, the xsi attribute.                                            
 My xml file is currently like this                                         
 <?xml version="1.0"?>                                                      
 <Root  version="0.1">                                                      
 How do i specify the location of my schema(present in d:\jdk1.3\bin\) to   
 my file. Do i need to implement any other thing.                           
 pls throw light on this with some examples                                 
 Thanks in Advance