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RE: appinfo considered harmful. Re: What is the advantageofRELAXincomparison to Schemas?

Jonathan Borden
The Open Healthcare Group

> -----Original Message-----
Joe English wrote:

> IMO, the *primary* purpose of a schema is that it can be given
> to a programmer so that she can write programs that will successfully
> process and/or produce documents conforming to that schema.

And all the more reason not to employ a perhaps undocumented perhaps
completely proprietary field.

>... But the primary purpose of a schema
> is still as documentation for programmers and authors.
> 'appInfo' is useful because it can point to additional sources
> of documentation.  Whether or not it is used to augment the PSVI
> or perform extra validation seems to me a tertiary issue.

We have "annotation/documentation" and "annotation/appinfo" ... isn't former
for documentation? If appinfo were defined as being explicitly for, or
limited to, documentation, then I would not be raising this issue.

Certainly we can all think of perfectly useful things that we can use
appinfo for. The problem isn't what good things it can be used for, rather
what bad things it can be used for.