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Referring to other documents

Hi all,
I'm new to XML and have a (basic?) question that I haven't tracked down an answer to in any FAQs:
I am using an XML Schema to describe my markup language. A feature I want to implement is a means of a server receiving a document in several parts. i.e. a system with an initial document, incremental documents and a terminating document with the documents all part of the same schema. An example of the use of this would be for specifying the results of a football match (say). I would specify an initial document with the players and teams and the location of the match. Then after each goal (say) I would create an update which related to this earlier document and included the details of the goal. At the match end I would send the final score and "close off" the document.
My main desire is to avoid sending the entire document (with the updates) each time.
Is this possible? One of the challenges that springs to mind is that I need a unique ID for the series of documents that the recipient (server) can use to build the entire document - how do I create this with multiple clients creating documents?
Any thoughts gratefully received.
Charles Allen
The Playing Fields