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Re: Type-assignment in one pass

> Your example makes it clear that TREX pattern is a specialized syntax to
> express rules.

I'm not quite sure... Would you explain it more, please?

And the most confusing part is, we already have this implementation for
RELAX, and I can't see what is special about TREX, regarding this. All I
did was just demonstrating TREX-version of type-assignment algorithm for

> A system based only on the document order would evaluate the first
> choice, see that it's OK and stop there, reporting the datatype as
> string.
> A system based on a hierarchy between datatypes would evaluate both, see
> that integer is more restrictive than string and that both are matching
> and report the datatype as an integer.
> A combination of both with an attribute to override the priority like
> XSLT does it is also possible.
> If both case, if the algorithm is documented, there is no ambiguity any
> longer...

I'm completely at a loss, at this point.

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