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Re: XML versus Relational Database

I have serious doubt that a native XML database, however well
designed it is, can succeed in commercial space, and ultimately
as a viable technical solution. Look at OODB, no matter what
reason you attribute its failure to.

Why don't we focus our energy on implementing XML data structure
on a relational database and map all desired features to RDBMS
features? I love to see a standard like that.
We can definitely map the tree structure of XML into relational
database and store an offset (of the element in the blob) going
with the element, ..., blah, blah. As long as the XPath
navigation can be efficiently supported, I guess other features
would not be such a hard thing.
The so-called multi-dimensional database is so well fitted in
Yes, it takes up much space. Storage is cheap, isn't it?
Jay Zhang
IntermicsTech, Inc.