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Re: XML Query Languages

<< I believe that there's a parallel activity in
"ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32" to define XML extensions to the SQL standard.  I know
little about its status ... can anybody point me to a public Web page for
this project, or briefly summarize it?

1. Jim Melton (editor of the SQL-92 and SQL-99 standards) will be discussing
"SQLX: Bringing XML and SQL Together" on April 10 in New York:

"SQLX was formed to develop specifications that bring XML together with SQL.
In this session, we will discuss what is under consideration as
specifications for publication of SQL data in an XML format, importing XML
data into SQL databases, querying collections of XML documents in an
SQL-friendly language, and specifying the relationships between XML schemas
and SQL databases."

2. Jonathan Robie will be doing "The W3C XML Query Language", a 3-hour
tutorial on April 8 in New York:

"This session provides a concrete, thorough introduction to the W3C XML
Query language, illustrating the features of the language with extensive
examples on many different kinds of data. Emphasis will be placed on the
different ways expressions can be combined, and on the challenges posed by
widely different kinds of data."

3. On April 10, several members of the XML Query Working Group (Paul Cotton,
Peter Fankhauser, Jonathan Robie, Michael Rys, and Jérôme Siméon) are doing
a 90-minute workshop.