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Request for info about parser construction details.


I would like to find some information about technical details regarding the
developing of parsers for SGML and XML. Of course that the obvious
solution is to examine the sources of some existing parsers ;), but I would
like to avoid myself this effort by reading some higher-level documentation.
In particular, I'm looking for the sort of things that you can find in a general
textbook about compiler construction (for instance, that of Aho, Sethi and Ullman)
but applied to the particular features of SGML/XML. Any pointer on this subject
will be wellcome.

Thanks in advance


Jose-Luis Sierra-Rodriguez
Dpto. Sistemas Informaticos |Room:  465 (Fac. Matematicas)
y Programacion              |Phone: (+34)91-3944311
Facultad CC. Matematicas    |Fax:   (+34)91-3944602
Universidad Complutense |mailto:jlsierra@sip.ucm.es
de Madrid               |http://bogart.sip.ucm.es/~jlsierra
Avd. Complutense S/N    |
28040 - Madrid (Spain)  |