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Re: Microsoft's XMLReader

Andrés Aguiar wrote:

> I need to have a Java implementation of a Microsoft XMLReader style API for
> parsing XML.
> I'm aware of the SAX Navigator
> (http://www.geocities.com/takuki_kamiya/pub/saxnavi.html), but this
> implementation uses a new thread to queue the SAX events, and I can't afford
> to have a new thread to parse the XML file (this will run in a heavy loaded
> server).
> Does anyone know of something like this?
> Can this be built using any propietary parser API (org.apache.xerces.*,
> org.apache.crimson.*, etc)? As far as I know, all this implementations are
> built on top of SAX, and the only way I imagine to implement this using SAX
> is the 'new thread' one...


i have written xml pull parser that is small, namespaces aware, reusable, low
memory consumption and size (just 4 classes + 2 exception) also fast and above
of all open source. you will not need to create a layer on top of SAX2 (with
event queue and extra thread) and you can have also direct access to XML
tokenizer if necessary.

i was also thinking about layering XMLReader on top of it but right now i do not
have time to work on it :-)

you can get source and docs from http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/soap/#download


Aleksander Slominski, LH 316, IU, http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/~aslom
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