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RE: different communities

At 11:35 AM 2/9/2001 -0500, you wrote:

>If you want to continue this meta-discussion, I'd suggest we take it
>offlist and let the developers get back to work.

If you choose to take it offline, which is your right to do, I, for one 
will  *demand* that you include others (me) in that activity. May I suggest 
opening a free, unencumbered by advertisement, forum at 
www.quicktopic.com.  You go there, select a topic name, then advise 
everyone who wants to know where the URL has been placed.  It remains 
completely anonymous unless you publish the URL in a list such as this that 
gets scanned by the search engines.  Then, it's available to everyone.

This is far too interesting a discussion, one that is fomenting underneath 
the XTM topic maps activity as well.

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