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[XSLT] - Recognize an XML node

I've a transformation little (?) problem.
My XML have following structure:
                     <Constant Name="HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" Scope="Private" RetType="" />
                     <Constant Name="HKEY_CURRENT_USER" Scope="Private" RetType="" />
                     <Function Name="bWriteRegValue" Scope="Private" RetType="Boolean" />  

At this sheet I apply a filter  extracting only rows conteining  "Scope" attribute.
Result of this work is an HTML table with three rows (two for Constant and one for Function) and... now the problem.
I need a title row each time change element as, p.e., from Constant to Function
Constant          Scope
Function          Scope
bWriteRegValue      Private
PS: I use this ns "www.w3.org/TR/WD-xsl".

Thanks & bye
============== :-) ===============
Nicola Martella
SAP Italia Consulting S.r.l. - Milano
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