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XML as an interface

     Good Morning,
     I have a problem! 
     I am working on a (legacy) product that needs to have an XML 
     interface. Let me give some background.
     The product is written in C++, and sits on a client machine. The 
     product launches a JVM. There is an application server (WebLogics), 
     and the data access is using EJB's. We are communicating between the 
     server and the JVM using JMS. The messaging system will be carrying 
     the data as XML.
     My problem is the conversions:
     1, The (java) server needs to be able to create the XML from the data.
     2, The (C++)  client needs to be able to create objects from the XML.
     Could someone point me in the correct direction for these two 
     Stephen  J Lake

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