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Re: XML as an interface


I have written code that reads XML into a DOM and steps through this to create
C++ objects.  I am sure however that by now there must be an automation of this
process.  I seem to recall a product that can automatically create Java classes
from XML.



stephen_lake@sts.co.uk wrote:

>      Good Morning,
>      I have a problem!
>      I am working on a (legacy) product that needs to have an XML
>      interface. Let me give some background.
>      The product is written in C++, and sits on a client machine. The
>      product launches a JVM. There is an application server (WebLogics),
>      and the data access is using EJB's. We are communicating between the
>      server and the JVM using JMS. The messaging system will be carrying
>      the data as XML.
>      My problem is the conversions:
>      1, The (java) server needs to be able to create the XML from the data.
>      2, The (C++)  client needs to be able to create objects from the XML.
>      Could someone point me in the correct direction for these two
>      processes.
>      Regards
>      Stephen  J Lake
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