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[Zvon] Multimodal views, Reference search, Site Map, XLab redesign

Today we have published Zvon 2.0 and we are really proud of it :))))))

Our big thanks belongs to Miroslav Simek (simek@idoox.com) who wrote for
us a very generic and fast XSLT servlet engine based on Saxon (to be
open sourced in near future)

The new Zvon features following improvements:
[I am using "we" in the following text, but I must honestly admit that
95+% of the credit belongs to Jiri Jirat who did an incredible job, you
can judge for yourself] 

1)Using XML with XSLT we have prepared the following views
     of our pages:
  * HTML with CSS
  * XML with two different CSS 2 stylesheets
  * XML with XSLT (client-side transformation)
  * HTML with SVG
  * HTML with graphics (PNGs created from SVG using Batik)
  * PDF
2) Sitemap + Smart Search
 To make navigation easier, we have prepared
 a site map, enhanced with keywords:
 And I hope, you will find our new "Smart Search"
 useful - you can search for elements, attributes,
 properties etc. across different specifications:

 A note for Netscape 4.x users.
 We apologize for ugly page look, but Netscape 4.x has
 very poor support of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
 Please, upgrade to Netscape 6.x.

Thanks to Miroslav Simek XLab could be also rewritten, which is
now running as a servlet and is much faster now and less bug ridden.
Try it at:


<firstName> Miloslav </firstName>    
<surname>   Nic      </surname>     

<mail>    nicmila@idoox.com    </mail>   
<support> http://www.zvon.org  </support>