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Re: HREFs in XSL

<SNedunuri@pav.com> wrote -

> Does anyone know where the official specification of a DTD can be found?
> I've done a search at w3.org and at oasis and have turned up nothing. In
> particular, I read somewhere that rule for !Element permits the & character
> between element names to indicate that the elements may occur in any order
> eg. <!Element Tag (Foo, Bar)> requires Bar to follow Foo
> OTOH <!Element Tag (Foo & Bar)> would permit Foo and Bar to be in any order
> But none of the unofficial guides to DTDs seem to mention this operator.
 That's because the '&'  is not allowed in xml DTDs.  But (Foo|Bar)* allow Foo
and Bar to occur in any order, and is allowed in xml.

The definitive specification of  DTDs in xml is contained in the xml
recommendation itself -



Tom P