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Re: Abbreviated Tag Names

Hi all,

I'm reviving a thread that ended some weeks ago (I'm afraid I'm about 1000
messages behind on this list).  I have been thinking about large data
transfers myself recently.  The problem we typically face at JPL is very
large quantities of data and of course very limited telecommunication
capability.  Or I should say, we have excellent telecommunication
capability, but it is still our limiting factor with the number and types
of sensors our spacecraft carry.

People in our organization are re-thinking some telecom data transmission
formats, and XML came to mind.  Unfortunately the overhead is very large.
It is possible in many cases that overall tag size will be greater than
data quantity.  

It would be useful to mimic, in XML, the way that telecom data is
traditionally transmitted.  Typically, in a transmission packet, there is a
header that describes the data that follows.  I think that an XML Schema
could replace this header nicely.  After transmission, it should be
straightforward to unpack the data into a complete xml document using the
schema in the header.

Is anyone working on applications of this nature?


Dr. Ruth Bergman				ruth@jpl.nasa.gov
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory		818 354-1245
Mail Stop 301-180				Fax: 818 393-9815
4800 Oak Grove Dr.
Pasadena, CA 91109-8099