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Re: Abbreviated Tag Names

If you want to do this, you could consider asn.1 and perhaps an
xmlschema->asn.1->xml instance mapping.   All the bit packing and so on has
been worked out by the asn.1 folks - you have to come up with the xml


Tom P

Ruth Bergman wrote

> Hi all,
> I'm reviving a thread that ended some weeks ago (I'm afraid I'm about 1000
> messages behind on this list).  I have been thinking about large data
> transfers myself recently.  The problem we typically face at JPL is very
> large quantities of data and of course very limited telecommunication
> capability.  Or I should say, we have excellent telecommunication
> capability, but it is still our limiting factor with the number and types
> of sensors our spacecraft carry.
> People in our organization are re-thinking some telecom data transmission
> formats, and XML came to mind.  Unfortunately the overhead is very large.
> It is possible in many cases that overall tag size will be greater than
> data quantity.
> It would be useful to mimic, in XML, the way that telecom data is
> traditionally transmitted.  Typically, in a transmission packet, there is a
> header that describes the data that follows.  I think that an XML Schema
> could replace this header nicely.  After transmission, it should be
> straightforward to unpack the data into a complete xml document using the
> schema in the header.
> Is anyone working on applications of this nature?