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Re: Compression

Danny Ayers wrote:
> Just a thought - presumably not original.
> Ok, big arguments against of transmitting XML in a compressed binary form is
> that we lose the standardization, and with it the ease of interpretation. So
> what about making a negotiated dialog of the transfer :

Hi Danny,

You may want to look at the compression system I designed for dbXML.  

The goal behind it is not necessarily to produce incredible compression
ratios, but to get the XML into a state where it's in a tokenized tree
form, doesn't lose any of the original document structure, can be
traversed without having to decompress unneeded nodes, and doesn't have
to be parsed.  

The stream can be used to generate lazy DOM trees and SAX events.  It
utilizes external symbol tables to perform compression/decompression. 
These symbol tables are also XML files, and can be compressed using a
hardcoded symbol table.  It was designed for use with dbXML, but I tried
to architect it such that it could easily be extracted and used on its
own.  The license is LGPL.


-- Tom