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At 09:49 16/02/2001, Uche Ogbuji wrote:

> > There is nothing that requires a DOM tree to be held in memory other
> > than the DOM implementation itself.  Lazy DOMs allow you to
> > incrementally retrieve and traverse DOM trees, I believe the Xerces
> > project was working on such a beast, and the dbXML DOM is partially a
> > lazy DOM.
>Yep.  4Suite's DbDom is also a lazy DOM.  I agree that the claims quoted
>from the article are disingenuous.

Is it not true, however, that for applications such
as XSLT, almost all of the DOM would end up loaded in

In my understanding, lazy DOMs only save memory if
many of the nodes are not accessed at all.

Is this the case?


James Robertson
Step Two Designs Pty Ltd
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