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At 11:12 16/02/2001 +1100, James Robertson wrote:
>At 09:49 16/02/2001, Uche Ogbuji wrote:
>>Yep.  4Suite's DbDom is also a lazy DOM.  I agree that the claims quoted
>>from the article are disingenuous.
>Is it not true, however, that for applications such
>as XSLT, almost all of the DOM would end up loaded in

It varies depending on your style sheet, but yes in many cases all the
nodes in a DOM will get loaded into memory at least once.

>In my understanding, lazy DOMs only save memory if
>many of the nodes are not accessed at all.

Again, it depends on the way in which the lazy DOM is implemented. I have a
prototype of a lazy DOM in which all the nodes are stored in a database or
dbm. You only have as many nodes in memory as you are presently using, the
ones which go out of scope and are no longer used disappear from memory. Of
course, it's a lot slower than using an in-memory DOM but then you can't
have everything at the same time :)

-- robin b.
Being schizophrenic is better than living alone.