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Announce: Quick 4.0.1 release fixes bugs, provides missing utilities

The Quick 4.0.1 release is a mix of bug fixes, minor enhancements, and 
provides several utilities missing from the previous release: 


Additional bug fixes have been made to the Quick engine relating to multi-

QDML now supports the id accessor--necessary for DTD<=>QDML 
conversion. The QJML2QDML utility now includes the id accessor in its 

The Quick engine now uses QName, when implemented, to discriminate 
between element types when walking the object tree. 

The .bat files now use the QuickJARs environment variable to locate the 
needed JAR files. Use the new quickSetup.bat file to set QuickJARs, rather 
than adding these JAR files to the classpath. 

The quickClasspath.bat file is now called by various .bat files to set the 
quickClasspath variable. This variable is set using the QuickJARs and 
CLASSPATH variables. 

Mark Wutka's DTD Parser (version 1.13) is again included in the download, 
as the JAR file is used by several utilities. 

New elements added to the util markup language: 
                    dtdInput--Reads a DTD file. 
                    dtdOutput--Writes a DTD file. 

New utilities (New to Quick4, anyway): 
                    dtd2qdml--Converts a DTD file to QDML. 
                    dtd2xml--Converts a DTD file to XML. 
                    dtdPrettyPrint--Rewrites a DTD file.