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Re: XPointer and the '729 patent

In a message dated 16/02/01 17:48:57 GMT Standard Time,
eve.maler@east.sun.com writes:

We believe that Sun's approach to the issue avoids costly and time-
consuming legal wrangling that would certainly be involved in
determining whether the '729 Patent is valid and/or infringed.  At the
same time, it provides assurance to the development community that Sun
will not assert the '729 Patent against implementations of XPointer
under the terms.

This is excellent news!

I appreciate that taking the proposed steps, perhaps as amended by subsequent
posts on list, will take a little time. However, the intent expressed in
Eve's email does much to allay any remaining doubt about this matter.

It is good to see Sun acting in a way which removes doubt regarding the
future of a potentially important W3C specification.

Andrew Watt