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Re: Abbreviated Tag Names (ASN.1)

Olivier Dubuisson wrote -

> "Thomas B. Passin" wrote:
> > So if your work
> > is in a usable state, it would be very useful.
> I'll get back to you on this point.
> Can you wait until mid-April (i.e., just after the meeting we'll dedicate
> to this work)?

We're going to have to start sooner than that, but I don't know when we should
be done.  Someone else has come up with a mapping to xml-schemas for the SAE
messages, and I imagine there will be some pressure on us to see if wew can
adopt (or adapt) that.  So if we could get an advance look, it would be very

> BTW I understand that what you need here is how to write ASN.1 values in
> XML (but not the XML Schema -> ASN.1 mapping). Right?
Exactly so.


Thomas B. Passin
Principal Systems Engineer
Mitretek Systems